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Only a bird in a guilded cage

They say that white has might
And thin is in
Well, that's just bull
'Cause ladies big is back
And as for black
It's beautiful!

All shapes and sizes
Follow me!
Who wants a twig
When you can climb a whole tree?


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This about sums me up:
Wife. Mom. professional singer. chocoholic. book lover. music & movie fanatic. coulrophobe.

minna saikou!!! 皆最高!!!
70's funk, abba, accapella groups, accapella singing, accents, andy gibb, barbie, basia, being in love, benny hill, bewitched, blazing saddles, books, britspeak, brothers gibb, buffy, channing tatum, checkmaters, cheesecake, chocolate, classic commercials, computers, creative writing, danny kaye, deee-lite, destiny's child, diamonds, duran duran, elfquest, elizabeth montgomery, ella fitzgerald, england, english beat, escape to witch mountain, family films, fan fiction, fan fiction writers, fanart, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy, food, funk music, gems, gold, golden girls, gormenghast, graphic design, harper's island, harry potter, harry potter characters, harry potter fanfic, hogwarts, hp, icon makers, icon making, icons, ike eisenmann, in love, j.k. rowling, jack black, jellyfish, jellyfishing, jewelry, john travolta, katie cassidy, kelly rowland, kim richards, kissing, kumars at no.42, lady miss kier, languages, literature, love, love harry potter, love my husband, love my son, m-pact, mariah carey, mel brooks, mel torme, meryl streep, michael ball, mike meyers, monty python, mst3k, mugglenet, muppets, music, musical theatre, musicals, napoleon dynamite, old mgm musicals, olivia newton-john, original characters, paint shop pro, passion, performances, pg tips, potterverse, pufnstuf, quizzes, ranting, rants, ravenclaw, reading, rick james, rings, rita moreno, ron stoppable, ron weasley, rosemary clooney, rpg, ruby, sarcasm, sheen, sherman brothers, sid and marty krofft, singing, sleeping, snickers bars, spice girls, spider-man, spinal tap, stephen sondheim, supernatural, tea, teena marie, tenacious d, the emancipation of mimi, the good ship, the muppet show, the muppets, the nanny, theatre, theatre majors, trent ford, writing, writing fanfiction, xanadu,